About Us


Becky Howard

Becky was most recently a Consultant Content Strategist and Editor at Pentland Brands, has held senior editorial roles on magazines including Good Housekeeping and Reveal, and was Content Director at Stylist Live 2016. She’s written for everyone from Grazia & Glamour to The Times, and now works as a content strategist, editor and copywriter for international clients.


Karen Attwood

Karen is a former staff writer for The Independent on Sunday, The New Review magazine, The Independent, the Press Association and the National, in Abu Dhabi. Her work has been published in all UK newspapers. She is also an award-winning blogger and PR consultant and is writing a book Girl With A Gun to be published by Unbound.


Helen Croydon

Helen is a bestselling author, broadcaster and journalist. She’s written for national papers from The Sunday Times to The Mirror. Behind the camera, she is a producer at ITV News and ITV London News. In front of the camera, she’s a topical commentator on TV and radio including the BBC, Sky News, This Morning.